The couples that choose PianoDJ are usually big fans of music and are looking for an incredible, non-cheesy DJ for their wedding.

If you are fans of house music and want live saxophone and bongos with your DJ then you can hire an exciting Ibiza DJ to play for your wedding. If you love UK Garage then you can hire old stool artists including DJ Luck & MC Neat / Artful Dodger. If you love EDM and heavy dance music then you can hire Ministry of Sound DJs. If you love Kisstory and RnB then you can hire the DJ who played for The Manor’s/Craig David’s villa parties in Ibiza.

All of the PianoDJ DJs specialise in weddings, so alongside your favourite music they will play music for your friends and family and you can have as much creative input as you like.

The most important thing is that you have an incredible party and get the music that you love played at your wedding in a way that gets all of your friends up dancing and leaves them with unforgettable memories…

…I suppose raving with your nan would be a good idea of a successful night!

Just so you know, PianoDJ have provided DJs and musicians for over 6000 weddings since 2006.

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